Chef Amol Thanky

Chef de Cuisine for The Patio Marketplace

Chef Amol Thanky found his passion for cooking at an early age. Growing up in Texas and influenced by the flavors of the south, he recalls cooking elaborate dinners for his family as a child and being the “strange kid” holding dinner parties in his college dorm.

However, considering it as a profession didn’t come until much later. He found that life had no meaning in his cubicle at his finance job, so he abandoned the nine to five, followed his passion and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX, seeking out a culinary career at the age of 27.

Balance is the forte of Chef Thanky’s cuisine, thanks to a decade of fine-dining experience that includes lead cook duties at Restaurant Gary Danko, a Michelin-starred restaurant in San Francisco. His passions lie in complex and flavorful cuisine that remains unpretentious and approachable. As the Chef de Cuisine for The Patio Marketplace, Thanky imparts his principles of thoughtful dining to the Southern California culinary scene, expressing his take on coastal cuisine in a fun and memorable way.